Riding on the coattails of the boom in personal computers in the mid-90s Nigeria, Tayo Enahoro-Bowyer helped found and lead Archangel Computer Services in the northern university town of Zaria. The company successfully built and Tayo Enahoro-Bowyer profile picturedistributed a number of significant and successful applications for small businesses and large educational institutions. However, constrained and frustrated by a society in which who–trumps–what you know, Tayo resigned his post and became a UK-based IT contractor, working in the Microsoft .Net stack.

In the past fourteen years, having been attached to important projects in over a dozen different organisations all over the UK, Tayo’s natural iconoclasm fed an increasing frustration with “hallowed” practices and coding techniques which guaranteed increases in complexity and ergo, the chances of projects’ failure.

Determined to make a stand, Tayo’s focus now is on helping non-technical executives and managers come to grips with the nuances of software engineering projects by providing an ongoing assurance. In a way, this is like providing a regular MOT for software projects.

When not working, Tayo can be found comfortably ensconced in the warm embrace of his favourite couch. Frequently, this is accompanied by luxuriating in the soothing glow of his TV, watching the latest cheesy Korean romantic drama on Netflixtm.

Role at NextGen

Tayo is founder and Managing Director of NextGen Computer Technologies. He is also the Principal Consultant and will be your primary contact on any project.

Expert technologies

.Net desktop tech stack with C# and VB.Net (WPF & Winforms), SOA service tech (Webservices, WCF, Web API), MSBI suite (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS), Azure SOA services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), Front office applications (Excel, VBA, MS Word), Javascript, HTML