Who is NextGen Computer Technologies?

In this article, Learn About NextGen Computer Technologies (NextGen, for short). What is software assurance and how do we provide it for bespoke software or on companies in-house software projects?

NextGen provides genuine help to non-technical people, many of whom may not even think of themselves as being software project managers.  However if you are have, or are thinking about purchasing bespoke software, yes, you are a software development manager.

NextGen is like a knowledgeable friend who makes sure that the garage working on your car isn’t taking advantage of you. We do exactly the same thing, but with software engineers working on your bespoke software. With our technical knowledge, we ensure that you’re getting a fair deal from your bespoke software supplier. As such, we assist you with the preparation of a software project plan (in plain English). Furthermore, we can advise you on a suitable project risk analysis strategy.

NextGen Computer Technologies - about usBringing together specialists in creating diverse software solutions, we will help non-technical administrators and executives understand, perform risk analysis on, and successfully manage software projects.

Done correctly, our assistance will result in the delivery of right-first-time applications within preset time-frames and within budget.

What Do We Do?

Frustrated by years of being forced to sit by idly whilst watching senior developers, team leaders, software managers and even business administrators mismanage projects into entirely avoidable disasters I, Tayo and two other experienced consultants decided to do something about it, forming a new partnership inside Tayo’s existing company, NextGen Computer Technologies.

Tayo Has An Idea!

One day whilst brushing my teeth (yes, it is a legend story—but it’s a short one) I thought how I could have saved a company its project and a ton of money if only I’d had the ear (and trust) of the Chairman. For a long time, it had been obvious to me—simply because of my membership in the software development team—that the project was being mismanaged and that disaster loomed in the offing. If only the Chairman had had me on and by his side to offer him an unbiased and undiluted analysis of the project… bam! Oh, I thought, of course!

What if companies could hire NextGen consultants to come in and perform an unbiased analysis of the project’s code, ethos of the business, and environmental ecosystem in which the project has been running, and then render this report to a person or board in the organisation?

Too often, I have seen glowing reports passed to senior management painting a rosy picture I knew to be untrue. Too often, I’d overheard unreachable deadlines promised. Each time, I wondered at the gullibility of those being misled, at how, seemingly, it was so easy to pull the wool over the eyes of those who were meant to have the very best information at their fingertips.

Tayo has an idea. NextGen can be an independent software project assurance consultant.

Furthermore, endowed by a distrustful nature and a sceptical eye, over the years I had watched with increasing alarm the emergence of a harmful trend in the software development world towards experimentation as a means of self-entertainment and the fulfilment of hobbyist tendencies amongst developers. Rather than concentrate on professionalism and the output of clean, maintainable code, developers exercised faddishness and the intellectual thrill of incorporating the latest technology into their work, no matter how untried, untested and unsuited to the project at hand.

Inevitably, as night follows day, the combination of the flow of misinformation to senior management and unprofessionalism in the software development team leads to failed deadlines and many times, a failed project.

What might be needed then is a third party who cannot be deceived, who can read code and who can cast a critical-but-fair eye on the business’ environment (for instance, identifying an overbearing manager who terrifies her subordinates so that she elicits lies instead of bad news).

In short, what might be needed is exactly what NextGen offers…

The NextGen Way: the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

As you learn about NextGen Computer Technologies core strategies, you will learn that NextGen is your business’s praetorian guard.

We will report our findings, unvarnished and unadulterated, no matter who’s ox it gores. Our Report will go to the Principal, an entity who can be a person, a Board of Directors or a select committee.

However, note that we cannot—and will not—ever prevaricate or dilute the Report, even if it implicates the Principal.

NextGen’s reputation will rest on our ability to be honest, therefore all issues must be highlighted in our impartial Report.

Can NextGen Really Turn My Project Around?

NextGen Computer Technologies: implement assurance by delivering honesty and clarity.Unfortunately, the question betrays a lack of understanding of NextGen’s role.

It is never our intent or purpose to “turn around” or salvage a project. That is not what we do. Instead, we aim to assist executives who may have little or no understanding of software development. For many reasons, including (but not limited to) vested interests, hidden agendas and politicking, decision-makers may not be getting an accurate picture of the true state of the project from subordinates. At NextGen, we will step into the breach and deliver clarity.

It is conceivable that the in-house team can repair the work, or that management can engage extra resources to bear on bottlenecks so that the project still will meet deadlines. Occasionally there might not be any danger to the success of the project and its timely delivery anyway, in which case, it will be our pleasure to show this in our Report.

However, it is not always possible to redeem an application based on a flawed code base, or perhaps a project merely faces unavoidable delays and that although timelines have slipped, the development team still assures the eventual successful delivery of the product.

If you would like to learn about NextGen Computer Technologies and how we can assist you, why not ask for a no-obligation chat? It might just save you some bother and a great deal of money.

The ambition must be the ability to identify the difference between salvageable, delayed, or dead-on-arrival projects.

All the best,